20th Century Fox (The Martian)

Dog Burger Lifestyle Photo

The Mars Desert Research Centre


In the heart of the Utah desert, 4 hours out from Salt Lake City is the Mars Desert Research Centre. This is considered to be the closest place on Earth to the conditions found on Mars hence why this scientific centre has been built out here.

To promote the new film ‘The Martian’ we went to shoot several high profile personalities in the settings found in the film.

An Alien Landcape


With scenery unlike anything we have ever shot on before it wasn’t hard to create stunning imagery wherever we looked; rolling orange hills, layered sediment mountains and dry rivers full of dinosaur bones. Truly an alien landscape.

We spent a week working with local crews, international personalities and the resident scientists to shoot photos circulated back to each demographic to publicise the launch ‘The Martian’ in each country represented at the shoot.

Dog Burger Lifestyle Photo

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