Ben Murphy

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An Artistic Take on the Headshot

A headshot is going to be your brand. It is supposed to sell you to someone who doesn’t know you from the next person. Here at Captis we can help to make your headshot original and impactful, an image that will stand out above the rest and bring your brand to life.

Ben Murphy is a chef who has found a lot of success through instagram, his tattoos often being commented on and being featured in many of his posts. We went to The W Hotel (where he had a brief residency) to shoot a series of headshots, a space with so many photographic opportunities it was hard to narrow the shoot down to just a handful of ideas.

Location Shooting

We brought a full set of lights and colours to highlight Ben in several different, artistic ways, often focussing on the artwork he had all over his skin. The W Hotel were incredibly helpful in setting the background we wanted to use, giving us free rein of the entire bar meaning we could get some incredible shots using the multiple neon signs all over the space.

Our aim is to get these beautiful, natural images that have a different and artistic look when compared to other headshots. If you think you and your brand could benefit from a session built like this then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For more from Ben Murphy find him on Instagram here:


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