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A Not So Hellish Kitchen

Shooting food and beverage is something we have done many times at Captis. We pride ourselves on our ability to capture the essence of a kitchen through the food it produces especially when shot in the environment it came from. A kitchen is always a busy place as well, and sometimes turning the camera from the food we’re shooting and pointing it towards the kitchen can capture some wonderful moments.

We’ve shot many kitchens in our time at Captis, but there isn’t a kitchen more famous than Hells Kitchen. Luckily that was far from the truth on this occasion. Gordon Ramsay has been doing this circuit for a very long time and so when it came to having a camera pointed at him he was one of the most professional chefs we have ever shot; able to switch on a quick look to camera at a moments notice.

Covering All Bases

As part of the shoot the PR team at Ramsay’s wanted to have a small headshot session done for all of their lead chefs across their restaurants. With our movable stdio we were able to set up backdrops and lights in the main restaurant and get some quick headshots of everyone at the back end of the lifestyle shoot in the kitchen. As predicted Gordon was in and out in minutes.

One of the benefits of shooting food and beverage is being able to try some of the food after the photoshoot. Needless to say the food that would coming out of the kitchen at Ramsay’s was sublime.

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