Moonshine Saloon

Moonshine Saloon Lifestyle Photo

A Journey to the Old West

Moonshine Saloon is an immersive, experiential bar in London that aims to transport you back to the old west with an incredible set design and actors performing throughout your stay. The focus is on the story from the moment you arrive, dressing you in the attire of the period and including you in the narrative throughout your 2 hour stay. Guests bring their own ‘Moonshine’ that is mixed on the evening into cocktails of your choice making the focus of many of the photos on the drinks their guests would be receiving.

We have working on all of the promotional material from the bars inception in 2018, helping to build an advertising campaign heavily built around the theme of the bar and the personalised cocktails the bar staff make you while you journey through the old west.

Location Shooting

All of the shoots were set up in the Moonshine bar itself, bringing our studio to them to capture this gorgeous bar in all it’s glory. The set designers had really done a fabulous job with authentic swing doors at the entrance and an enormous ‘Moonshine Brewery’ with smoke machines and copper tubing throughout.

For more information about Moonshine Saloon and for more photos from the various shoots we have done with Moonshine then head to

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