Byron Drake

Moonshine Saloon Lifestyle Photo

A Headshot in Your Environment

Many times we have found that in order to get the most natural shots is to focus on images taking in surroundings that our subject are comfortable with. This is why will often try to use the surroundings of a firms office in the shots we get. Not only does that make for a more natural image but it also grounds the firm in a specific place when potential customers are looking at your team photos.

Byron Drake are based out of the Fora Luxury Work Space in Borough and we wanted to use the very apparent iron works in the foyer in some of the images to place the team in the surroundings they would be found in all of their future meetings.  

Small Variations, Big Differences

The great thing about shooting in a Fora Space is the wide range of choice you can be offered as a photographer. The rooms range in size and aesthetic and they usually have a fantastic outside space with stunning views across the city. We had one room booked and a space in the foyer set aside where we could set up a few lights and a backdrop to give both an ‘in-situ’ shot and a more corporate image with a quick turn around.

 Here at Captis we want to bring you and your brand to life using the tools available to us in the surroundings and backgrounds that your brand and your colleagues work in and are most comfortable with. This is how we get the best images out of every photo shoot.

Every session is different and we pride ourselves in bringing your brand personality out in all of your imagery. Get in touch to book in your session.

Moonshine Saloon Lifestyle Photo

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