The Finest Bubble

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Light is King

The Finest Bubble is a high end Champagne and sparkling wine company who offer 2 hour home delivery of many of the best sparkling wines on the market. They also offer tastings and courses across London to those who want to expand their knowledge. Captis have been shooting their events for many years and every tasting is great fun. 

One of their locations is at 67 Pal Mal, a wine membership club with a private event area in the basement with the most incredible overhead lighting we have ever worked with. It provides a very rare opportunity to shoot underground event photography that looks like it’s been taken on a sunny day in summer. 

Wine Time

One of the great things about shooting these events is the wide range of cliental and the different levels of experience they bring. You can spot those that have an extensive knowledge of the wines on show, capturing the moments they taste a wine they recognise and furiously scribble their notes, while at the same time photographing a group of friends learning how to truly appreciate a good wine for the first time.

They also offer blind tastings which brings in an element of competition and with it smiles and laughter, which when you add a few glasses of wine on top make for some great photos. 

For more information on what The Finest Bubble has to offer and dates for their next tasting visit


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