Matt Hampson Foundation

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A Rugby Fans Dream

The Matt Hampson Foundation is a charity set up by its namesake, aiming to create a support network of people seriously injured through sport and their families to help each other by sharing knowledge and experience.

Every year they host a fundraiser event hosted by some of the great names in rugby and which often features some of the England rugby team that come through to rub shoulders with the fans and answer all of their burning questions. It’s an incredibly fun evening.

 An Event Full of Smiles

It’s very easy to shoot an event when every guest is giddy at the prospect of meeting some of their heroes. Every face looks on in awe and the hosts walk everyone through the evening, spearheading ‘try or no try’ competitions and a huge and hilarious auction lead by the brilliant Jonny Gould.

It’s hard to turn around and not see a rugby legend (with several world cup winners walking around) which makes selecting the images to publicise very difficult. Especially when the rigging team light everything so beautifully making a photographers job so much easier to do!

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